#Special version. My thoughts for several things about Korea and Koreans at the moment

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Germany life, other stuffs
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It is very obvious to people living in S.Korea that most N.Korean can’t travel abroad and only the privileged class can go to other countries. But most people I meet in Europe ask me if I come from S.Korea or N.Korea. They really don’t know where I come from. I was really surprised about that. Well, N.Korea is NOTORIOUS as the last communist country and has a dictator for sure so I thought people will know N.Koreans can’t live freely. If they want to escape country and did it, their eft family will be killed. How dare do they travel around the world?
When I was in China, There were several N.Koreans in my class and they didn’t want to talk to S.Koreans and hang out with S.Koreans. Since I saw them in China, I don’t think they are also Koreans like us anymore. There’re lots of minorities in China and there’s one minority called Chao xian zu ( 조선족, 朝鲜族 ) living in Yanbian(延边) area in China. (The upper east side of China). S.Koreans were educated from elementary school that Chaoxianzu were same Koreans before and we want China to give them back to Korea. Lots of Koreans move to that area in 1900’s and fought back to Japan during the Japanese occupation ( Korea had been colonized by Japan for several decades ). But when I met them in China, I found out that they don’t think they’re Koreans anymore. They’re Chinese now.
Anyway, Here’s info of a N.Korean escaping from N.Korea. I heard this from my german friend and I’m sure that most Koreans don’t know this movie. It isn’t released in Korea and will be never happened in the future for sure.



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